Tuesday, October 26, 2004

SilkyJay's Diary

This Blog will house some of my writing and thoughts about current events in my life - some life changing, some inconsequential. Life goes on and we need to learn from our experiences. Sometimes when you write thoughts and feelings out, you grow in a new perspective. Growth is a good thing!

Favorite saying by Maya Angelou:

"The best part of life
is not just surviving,
but in thriving -

with passion and compassion,
and humor and style,
and generosity and kindness."

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Life changing truths learned:

When you see that everyone you meet and everything that happens to you brings you lessons that are important for you to learn, you become grateful for everyone and everything. You then begin to see your life in a very different way.

Do you treat this moment as if it were an obstacle to be overcome? Do you feel you have a future moment to get to that is more important?

Almost everyone lives like this most of the time. Since the future never arrives, except as the present, it is a dysfunctional way to live. It generates a constant undercurrent of unease, tension, and discontent. It does not honor life, which is Now and never not Now. ... Ultimately you are not taking responsibility for life until you take responsibility for this moment - NOW. This is because Now is the only place where life can be found. When you say "yes" to what is, you become aligned with the power and intelligence of Life itself. Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world. A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now - within and without. *** Eckhart Tolle ***

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.

If you can learn to accept and even welcome the endings in your life, you may find that the feeling of emptiness that initially felt uncomfortable turns into a sense of inner spaciousness that is deeply peaceful. By learning to die daily in this way, you open yourself to life. * Tolle*

Freedom is a process of experiencing and engaging your emotional life. I devote myself to my own heart, and to translating my own heart and mind to other people." *Virginia Wolf*

"If anybody has any doubts about the importance of freedom to individuals and societies, they need only look at the life of Nelson Mandela. To see this man of such inherent dignity and to realize all he'd been through -- and how he was able to maintain his convictions under very difficult circumstances and convert some of his jailers to his point of view -- that will stick with me forever." *Tom Brokow*

"Rosa Parks is a personal hero of mine. She felt fear and acted with courage, and she had faith that truth had the power to protect her. Rosa Parks's leadership proves that you don't need an army or a corporation to change the world. Spirit and courage that can alter the course of history can look like a young woman sitting down in a bus and saying no to injustice." *Naomi Wolf*

Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed to the racists of the world: "Do to us what you will and we will still love you. We cannot in all good conscience obey your unjust laws, because noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good ..." Forgiveness that comes from real compassion includes the resolve to avoid siding with evil, either by engaging in it or by failing to stand against it. The clarity and wisdom necessary to do this comes only when we have known -- and loved -- the darkest aspects of our own suffering.

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" which means "A person is a person because of other people," or "You can do nothing if you don't get the support of other people. ..."It refers to gentleness, to compassion, to hospitality, to openness to others, to vulnerability, to be available to others and to know that you are bound up with them in the bundle of life." ** Mandela **

Some people have been raped, tortured, seen loved ones murdered before their eyes, and have held the hand of a parent, partner and/or child while some traumatic sickness claimed their last breath. There is nothing we can do to "fix" one another; our only recourse is simply to listen and love each other. With love and support, we the "broken" minority, can gradually learn to fly, transforming extraordinary pain into an equally extraordinary capacity for happiness.
We must win the quiet victory of enduring our fear, sorrow, and anger without relinquishing our capacity to rejoice. Rabbi Hillel once wrote, "I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing." Following freedom, rather than fear, is what enables us to dance even when we've fallen down. It isn't easy or painless, but as we learn how it works, we become steadily less afraid of our own death, both figurative and literal. A deep peace takes the place of anxiety and apprehension, in our souls and in our connection to every other human being. There is no more necessary gift you could offer yourself, your loved ones, your nation, and our whole war-weary world.

The real struggle of indigenous peoples is to redefine radically the conceptions of their rights and status . . . to articulate and define their own vision within the global community. On the positive side, this struggle has the potential for broadening perspectives on our human condition. As Phillip Deere said, "It is a mistake to talk about an American Indian way of life. We are talking about a human being way of life."

"Sacred space -- I call it a place of grace, or the place in which we're most human -- the place in which there's a unity of human-ness with wolf-ness, with hummingbird-ness, with Sandia Mountain-ness with rain cloud-ness? . . . It's that place in which we understand there is no separation between worlds. It has everything to do with the way we live. The land is responsible for the clothes you have on, for my saxophone, for the paper that I write these things on, for our bodies. It's responsible for everything." **Joy Harjo** (check her music out.)

Hope is found in ". . . all the strong black birds of promise who defy the odds and gods and sing their songs." Maya Angelou in "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings."

"When people ask if I am disturbed by the fact that others pity me, I have to admit that the problem actually is that everyone seems to assume I can do almost anything." Excerpt from Nothing is Impossible by Christopher Reeve.

"He who sees only with the eyes is very blind." Zora Neale Hurston

I and hundreds of other women, have reached a point in our lives where we have realized something is missing. What do we do at this strategic time in our lives? We find what we love to do. We find our passion. You are never really fulfilled unless you find something you love. A lot of people, particularly women, spend so much time taking care of everybody else that they don't have time to learn what they love doing. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO ... AND DO IT!

Once you learn what it feels like to give love, and to accept it, then you naturally want others to feel the same thing. You want this even for those who are cruel, because you know it is the only thing that will stop the cruelty.

Recovering from a devastating back injury, I have felt the full power of God. Tapping into his pure energy - can help you overcome anything. We don't have to settle. We can fight and become all that we envision for ourselves with God's help. Draw upon your inner Being and any other energy source you might believe in, be it Mother Earth, Father Sky, Jehovah, Mohammad, Jesus, Allah, etc. You can be all that you want to be. Don't let anyone limit you or tell you can't do something. You are the master of your fate. I am living proof. Watch me, I am flying now!

Everything that exists has Being, has God-essence, has some degree of consciousness. Even a stone has rudimentary consciousness; otherwise it would not be, and its atoms and molecules would disperse. Everything is alive. The sun, the earth, plants, animals, humans -- all are expressions of consciousness in varying degrees, consciousness manifesting as form.
When consciousness frees itself from its identification with physical and mental forms, it becomes what we may call pure or enlightened consciousness, or presence. This has already happened in a few individuals, and it seems destined to happen soon on a much larger scale ... Most humans are still in the grip of the egoic mode of consciousness identified with their mind and run by their mind. If they do not free themselves from their mind in time, they will be destroyed by it. They will experience increasing confusion, conflict, violence, illness, despair, madness. Egoic mind has become like a sinking ship. If you don't get off; you will go down with it.
If the human race is to survive, it will have to go on to the next stage. Consciousness is evolving throughout the universe in billions of forms. ... The very fact that I am speaking here and you are listening or reading this is a clear sign that the new consciousness is gaining a foot hold on the planet.

Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so immeasurable and sacred, that it cannot be conceived or spoken of ... You are cut off from Being as long as your mind takes up all your attention. ... To become conscious of Being, you need to reclaim consciousness from the mind. This is one of the most essential tasks on your spiritual journey.
"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle

Our souls know no boundaries. Our souls are multisensory and see beyond the color of a person's skin, their beliefs, their sex, their size, or genetic makeup. Our souls know how to love unconditionally. I am on a journey to learn and find out what my soul knows naturally. I want to learn to love unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally. Why don't you join me? The world would be a better place if everyone joined in this journey. May God bless you with authentic power and the ability to see beyond our "Earth suits." Please feel free to write and share information about your journey into seeing what our souls see. Your heart will always tell you that everyone is important. It will tell you that no one is more important than you, and that no one is less important than you either.

Souls reach out for one another like the grass reaches for the sky, and the sky reaches back for the grass. Souls do not come together in order to get things done, like make money, raise a family, or create a business. They come together because that is their nature. They delight in each other. They give one another the opportunities that each of them requires in order to reach his or her fullest potential. As you become aware of yourself as a soul, people become more interesting to you. You like being with them, and you like getting to know them. You like letting them get to know you. You are always open to others, and appreciate them.

The shore and the sea are always combining in new ways. Even if you watched them every day of your life, not one of their moments together would be like any other. That is the way that it is with souls, too. No two of their moments together are the same. They delight in their endless creativity. As we become aware of ourselves as souls, we do the same thing.

Your soul sees more than the five senses can see. It sees everything that happens in your life as a way for you to learn important things about yourself. When you see everything that happens in your life as a way for you to learn important things about yourself, you start to look more closely at the things that happen in your life. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can change the things that happen. You are happy for everything that happens, even things that are unpleasant. Then everything that happens is a special gift. You don't have to prove that to anyone, and no one has to prove it to you. It is, and you know it. You don't doubt it, and nothing can make you doubt it. THAT IS PERFECT TRUST. **** Zukav ****

Our five senses form a single sensory system that is designed to perceive physical reality. The perceptions of a multisensory human extend beyond physical reality to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part. The multisensory human is able to perceive, and to appreciate, the role that our physical reality plays in a larger picture of evolution, and the dynamics by which our physical reality is created and sustained. This realm is invisible to the five-sensory human. It is in this invisible realm that the origins of our deepest values are found. From the perspective of this invisible realm, the motivations of those who consciously sacrifice their lives for higher purposes make sense, the power of Gandhi is explicable, and the compassionate acts of Christ are comprehensible in a fullness that is not accessible to the five-sensory human. All of our great teachers have been, or are, multisensory humans. They have spoken to us and acted in accordance with perceptions and values that reflect the larger perspective of the multisensory being, and, therefore, their words and actions awaken within us the recognition of truths." *Zukav*

The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the Earth are the means by which you evolve.


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